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Did you know that newly built homes, even brand new ones built in just the past year, can have serious energy efficiency problems?

These problems can actually be caused by a number of different factors. However, two of the most common are poor insulation and an unsealed air envelope. Building inspectors often check only that insulation has been installed in the right area of the home, and that it has the correct R-value. That means it still could be installed improperly, which does happen.

With fiberglass batts, they can be cut too long for the spaces they’re supposed to fill. As a result, they compress, which causes them to lose R-value. Your walls may not have the full amount of blown-in insulation they need. If you have vaulted ceilings, the “knee-wall” that protrudes into the attic may not be properly insulated. Your attic door may not be insulated or sealed. Any home in Buford can experience any of these insulation or sealing problems, and many more.

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With most insulation contractors, they don’t view your whole home as a system. Instead, they simply look to make sure you have the right kind and amount of insulation in various areas of your home. They may not be aware of checking your home’s air envelope for proper sealing, either.

At J.R. Bolton Services, our “building scientists” do an inspection of the insulation in your home and your air envelope. And, they also check every other possible factor that could be affecting your comfort too. It’s common to find dozens of air leaks that haven’t been sealed off. It’s completely possible to install all the right insulation, but still be fairly inefficient and uncomfortable because air can still leak in. Insulation, regardless of the kind, simply slows heat transfer (measured by R-value), but does nothing to stop air flow. Air sealing, on the other hand, identifies all the air leaks into your home using special equipment (because you can’t see many of the leaks), and then seals off most of them.

Together, air sealing and rigid foam or blown-in insulation make your home comfortable and efficient.

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J.R. Bolton Services’ experienced home insulation specialists need to visit your home and do an analysis to identify all the insulation problems that cause your discomfort and inefficiency. You’ll learn all the issues, why they’re happening, and which will get you the most comfortable and efficient the fastest. You’ll also learn the exact cost for each improvement, and that cost won’t change. Then, you simply make the decision as to what insulation issues you’d like to fix.

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