Commercial HVAC Installation & Repair in Lawrenceville

Businesses that hire J.R. Bolton Services’ commercial HVAC specialists can save 30%, and more, on their heating and cooling costs. Most companies don’t realize the potential energy savings they can get with a simple furnace or air conditioner replacement. Employees become happier, more comfortable, and have higher productivity levels. Businesses can take the capital saved and additional revenue generated and invest in further expansion efforts.

But, even though some companies may need a new furnace or air conditioning system, not every company needs a new HVAC installation. J.R. Bolton Services only installs new HVAC systems when they make sense for the business. For many businesses, the big savings can be found in repairing ductwork system leaks and sealing air leaks around the building (your building’s “air envelope”). While 30% savings happens for many customers, some customers have realized 50% and more.

But Many HVAC Contractors in Lawrenceville Don’t Understand Why or How To Do This

Many HVAC companies in the Lawrenceville area simply haven’t been in business long enough to learn the importance of maintaining your ductwork and air envelope. They understand why your equipment needs to be running at optimal efficiency, and how to make that happen. But, they don’t know how to find all the leaks in and around your building and ductwork and seal them off. They don’t see your building as an entire system with many parts that need to be maintained so you realize the biggest energy savings possible.

At J.R. Bolton Services, our owner has more than 3 decades of experience finding all the problems that can reduce your company’s energy efficiency. He’s also trained a number of professionals at J.R. Bolton so they have the same skills. Every week, they also get additional training so they continue to stay up-to-date on all the skills necessary to keep your company’s energy efficiency high.

Lawrenceville Businesses: Schedule Your HVAC System Inspection and Estimate Today

To get the best energy savings possible, our technicians need to conduct on-site testing and perform an inspection. At the conclusion of the inspection, you’ll know all the factors that cause your building to lose its energy efficiency, and how much each costs.

You won’t experience any annoying high sales pressure. You decide when to act. When your ductwork and air envelope are sealed and all new installations and upgrades are done, you’ll have an energy-efficient building that can reduce your energy costs by 30-50%.

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