J.R. Bolton Services – The First HVAC Repair Company Serving Alpharetta to Focus on Your Comfort

When your AC stops working, what do you really want? Do you want a new air conditioner? Or, do you want comfort?

Most Alpharetta homeowners want to be comfortable. J.R. Bolton Services was the first company in the area to focus on comfort, and not on selling you a new air conditioner. Founded in 1983 by Jeff Bolton, we now have more than three decades of experience solving every problem that makes your home uncomfortable. Our experience solving home comfort and AC efficiency problems has run in the family for three generations, beginning in 1938 with Jeff’s grandfather, Tillie.

As a smart homeowner, you do your research before choosing an HVAC company. Feel free to check our BBB rating – we’ve been accredited with an excellent rating since 2001. And, visit our Facebook page to see the positive reviews customers have to make about us.

What Makes J.R. Bolton Services the Best HVAC Company in Alpharetta?

Besides having an owner with more than three decades of experience repairing all kinds of HVAC problems, we also have a unique approach. While we fix on-demand problems that may stop your air conditioner from functioning now, we also take a whole-home approach to keeping your house comfortable.

A typical company may want to fix your air conditioner so it stops cycling on and off rapidly. We’ll fix that immediate problem so you can get comfortable now. But, we also identify all the problems that could negatively affect your AC’s efficiency and your personal comfort and recommend solutions for those. This actually requires extensive computerized testing of your entire home, and approximately 90% of all homes in Alpharetta have at least one issue degrading comfort and efficiency.

Additionally, our employees meet weekly for training sessions to keep their skills sharp. In the heating and air conditioning industry, it’s rare for any company to do this. Most HVAC professionals have to learn on their own.

Finally, we use our own employees to perform all AC repair services in almost all cases. Subcontractors only get used in rare and exceptional situations. This keeps the quality of all air conditioner repair and installation high, and the employees stay focused on their relationship with you.

Alpharetta Homeowners: Have a Home Comfort Problem? Call J.R. Bolton Services and Get Your AC Repaired Today!

We make every effort to repair any on-demand HVAC problems you have today. All trucks come fully equipped with parts needed for most repairs. And in exceptional situations where we may not have the right part, we use courier services to get it for you fast.

You do pay a diagnostic fee for all on-demand HVAC repairs. Estimates for new installations are free and have no obligation.

Call J.R. Bolton Services at 770.448.3692 to put an end to your home comfort problems today.

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