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Does your home have insulation problems? You usually can’t physically see these. But, you might have insulation problems if:

  • The floors in the room directly above your crawl space feel cold to the touch
  • You suddenly notice a spike in your energy bills
  • You notice cool drafts in your home, even after you’ve closed all your doors and windows
  • You have noticeably different temperatures in various rooms of your home

When you have any of these problems, usually you have problems with your insulation too. And, in some cases, you can have additional causes of these issues, including an air envelope in need of proper air sealing.

J.R. Bolton Services Finds All the Problems with Your Home’s Insulation So You Stay Comfortable and Efficient

You can have many problems with your insulation that cause it to not do its job of preventing heat transfer. They could be any of these:

  • Incorrect insulation installation
  • Wrong type of insulation
  • Moist insulation
  • Pest or rodent infestation in your insulation

Insulation can even not be properly installed in brand new homes. Building inspectors look for the right kind of insulation and the appropriate R-value, but they don’t necessarily check for proper installation. New homes also may not have a properly sealed air envelope, which reduces air flow. Insulation does not slow air flow. Instead it prevents heat transfer from one solid object to another. You’ll likely need both air sealing and insulation to get the comfort and efficiency you want.

At J.R. Bolton Services, we have more than 30 years of experience finding all the problems with your home’s insulation and air envelope. Our employees get weekly training from some of the brightest minds in insulation installation. In addition, we also perform free home energy audits, which check for all the problems causing your discomfort and inefficiency, including your insulation and air sealing problems.

You’ll receive a complete list of all recommended improvements and learn why you should make each. Then, you act when you’re ready.

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We’re an insulation contractor happy to analyze the comfort and efficiency problems you’re experiencing and show you how properly installed insulation, combined with air sealing, will help you improve both. You’ll also learn any other issues causing your discomfort and inefficiency. There’s absolutely no sales pressure on you to buy now. Simply listen and learn, get the information you need, and then act when it makes sense for you to do so.

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