Residential HVAC Installation and Repair for Lilburn Homeowners Who Want Comfort and Savings

Do you have rooms in your home that heat and cool unevenly? When you go in them, for example, they may feel extremely hot or cold compared to the other rooms in your home.

Many HVAC contractors will recommend fixing your furnace or air conditioner. They might even tell you that you need to install new ones. But, your furnace and A/C may not even be the real problem.

While honest and well-intended, most HVAC contractors in Lilburn don’t look for all the problems causing the discomfort you experience in your home. J.R. Bolton’s experienced HVAC pros (also called “building scientists”) do. These could be just some of the problems causing your discomfort:

  1. Improperly installed insulation
  2. The wrong kind of insulation installed
  3. No insulation at all (often true in bonus rooms above garages)
  4. Wrong size of air conditioning system
  5. Leaky ductwork
  6. Dozens of difficult-to-find air leaks

At J.R. Bolton Services, we know the solution to your comfort and energy efficiency problems can only be found through testing and on-site inspection. In most cases, you have a number of problems working together that cause your discomfort.

That’s why we offer free home energy audits for Lilburn homeowners. During your home energy audit, our HVAC pros perform a variety of tests using special equipment. They also do a physical inspection of your home. At the end of your audit, you’ll learn all the problems causing your discomfort, and the cost for each. Then, without any high sales pressure, you get to decide which ones you’re ready to fix. You can repair them all, or one at a time, starting with the one that helps you get the most savings. It’s completely your decision.

Just call 770-268-2010 or contact us online today to schedule your free home energy audit.

On-Demand HVAC Repair for Lilburn Homeowners Too

Sometimes, you have a pressing HVAC problem that needs repair right now. In that situation, J.R. Bolton keeps a fleet of repair pros and trucks on hand so you can get your repair done right same-day. Trucks are fully stocked with a large selection of parts, and courier services are used to deliver parts when we don’t have them on-hand. In cases where your repair will take more than a few hours to complete, you get a portable air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable until your own A/C system is repaired.

All work gets quoted up front so you know your costs. You approve the costs and repairs to be made so you don’t have any surprises when it’s time to pay.

Regular tune-ups should be done to ensure you minimize the repairs your HVAC system needs to maximize its life. Our tune-ups are detailed and include checking combustion on gas appliances, measuring system performance, and cleaning outdoor coils, all of which come included in the quoted price. Most HVAC companies in Lilburn charge additionally for each of these services.

To maintain your efficiency and stay running with as few problems as possible, call J.R. Bolton Services at 770-268-2010 today or contact us online.

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