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At J.R. Bolton Services, we’re the company that can solve problems other HVAC contractors in Flowery Branch cannot.

For example, let’s say you have a home with a garage that has a bonus or master bedroom room over it. For many homeowners, this room suffers from extreme heat in summer and excess cold in the winter.

Say you call the typical HVAC contractor in Flowery Branch. They’ll come to your home and tell you to add some ductwork and everything will be fine. They’re honest and well-intended, but they simply don’t understand how to keep your bonus room cool and comfortable.

The real problem likely has a combination of factors requiring attention from an HVAC service professional. First, your garage will need air sealing, which always needs to be done before insulation. Air sealing minimizes air flow, while insulation prevents heat transfer. Remember, insulation does nothing to prevent air flow. So, that’s only part of the solution to the discomfort in that bonus room above your garage. And air sealing takes care of many cracks and crevices, some of which are so small you can’t even see them.

Knee Walls and Garage Rim/Band Joists Need the Most Attention

Typically, your garage rim/band joist separating your attached garage from your home’s conditioned space, and the knee wall (the shorter wall running straight up and down, not at an angle) in your bonus room/master bedroom are two major causes of discomfort in your home. Knee walls and rim/band joists often don’t get air sealed or insulated properly. Knee walls also have bigger temperature differences running across them, sometimes between 30-40 degrees. When it’s 95° outside, your attic can easily get up to 130°, and the heat will want to flow into your home where it’s cooler.

At this point, we’re still not done with your garage. You should have the walls between your garage and conditioned living space air sealed and insulated too.

Commercial HVAC repair and installation for Flowery Branch businesses – save up to 30% or more on your energy costs

In addition to residential HVAC repair and installation, J.R. Bolton’s experienced HVAC technicians find all the real causes of your discomfort and inefficiency at your business too. We like to call our employees “building scientists” because, just as they do with homes, they analyze your entire building to find what really needs repair and improvement. And often, it’s much more than simply making a repair to your HVAC system.

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We’re happy to repair whatever pressing issue your HVAC system has right now so you can get comfortable. And if you’re interested, we’re glad to analyze the rest of your home or businesses and find everything you could do to maximize your comfort and energy savings.

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