Insulation Contractor in Dacula Who Installs The Right Insulation Properly And Air Seals Your Home So You Stay Cool and Comfortable All Year Long

There’s a big misunderstanding among homeowners about insulation and what it can and cannot do. Many insulation contractors don’t understand how to install the right amount of insulation properly, which only adds to the problem.

To start, know that insulation does nothing to prevent air flow. Instead, it slows heat transfer between solid objects (conduction), the transfer of heat when cold and warm air mix (convection), and the heat generated by sunlight entering your home (radiation). That adds to your home’s comfort and efficiency. Combine insulation with air sealing, which does prevent air flow, and you have a recipe for a comfortable and energy-saving home.

Unfortunately, what happens in many homes in Dacula is that the insulation company doesn’t install the insulation properly. That includes newly built homes. Building inspectors check to see if your home has the right insulation with the appropriate R-value. But they don’t check carefully for proper installation in many cases. That can cost you big-time on your efficiency and comfort.

Types of Insulation Dacula Homeowners May Benefit From

At J.R. Bolton Services, we perform free home energy audits that check for all the factors causing your discomfort and inefficiency. That includes analyzing your insulation to see where improvements could be made. The biggest problem in most homes is your attic’s access door, and the insulation in your attic.

A natural process called “Stack Effect” leads to large volumes of air moving throughout your home. In the winter, warm air naturally is lighter than the cold air outside and wants to rise up and out of your home. With that air leaving your home, cold air seeps in wherever it can through the bottom of your home. Often, that happens through your crawl space. The reverse of this process then happens during summer, although it’s not quite as strong then.

Basically, you need to know that your insulation contractor should insulate and air seal your home so you protect your comfort and efficiency from this effect. Most insulation contractors don’t understand this.

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Your home could be suffering from any number of insulation problems. That could include improperly installed fiberglass batts cut too long for the space they fill. That leads to them compressing and squeezing out air, which causes a loss in R-value. Your attic access door may not be properly insulated and air sealed. You may not have enough blown-in insulation in your walls. Your crawl space may not have the rigid foam insulation it should.

Whatever the problem, J.R. Bolton Services will find it. Our owner has more than 30 years of experience and makes sure our techs get weekly training from some of the brightest minds in insulation installation today.

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