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Does the floor above your crawl space feel cold on your feet? If so, you may have insulation and air sealing problems, which are common because many crawl spaces in Atlanta homes are not properly insulated.

In Atlanta, it’s common to see crawl spaces insulated with fiberglass batts. They work, but they are an outdated standard now. The problem with batts is they only go between your joists, while your crawl space is vented outside, allowing air to circulate below your home. This causes the batts to absorb moisture, which leads to it compressing and losing R-value. That means it resists heat flow less effectively, which results in the cool temperatures you experience. While fiberglass batts cost less, their cost savings are eliminated once they get soggy.

In addition, many homes do not have their air envelope sealed, including brand new homes. While insulation reduces heat transfer, it does nothing to resist air flow. So if you’re considering insulation for your home, you’ll likely need air sealing too so you get the comfort you want.

Rigid Foam Panels Make the Most Sense For Crawl Spaces in Atlanta-Area Homes

These panels don’t compress when they get wet, so you don’t have to worry about losing R-value like you do with fiberglass. It doesn’t fall out of place, so you don’t have to worry about re-installing it in the future. The only time where you may consider re-installation is if a new, more efficient type of foam panel is made.

In addition to preventing heat transfer, rigid foam insulation also eliminates air leaks, which fiberglass cannot do. It’s also moisture-proof, so it doesn’t get damaged or need replacement if moisture does get into your crawl space. Since it doesn’t hold moisture, mold can’t grow on rigid roam panels. Because you install rigid foam on your crawl space’s walls, your ductwork gains additional efficiency benefits too.

Your crawl space may also need rigid foam insulation on its floors. Because it’s fast and easy to install, your labor costs are reduced. The product we use also has durable vinyl protection on both sides, so your crawl space remains comfortable and easy to use for other purposes, like storage. The vinyl also protects it from damage so you don’t have to worry about replacing the panels. And of course, it has great insulating value too.

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