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Why do you experience extremely uneven temperatures in different rooms in your home?

This could actually happen for a number of different reasons. However, failing to air seal your home and having the wrong kind or amount of insulation, or none at all, are two of the most common causes.

For example, if you have an attached garage with living space above it, you may notice temperature extremes there. It could be because you don’t have any insulation in the ceiling above the garage, lots of small gaps and cracks that need air sealing, or insulation with low R-value in your exterior walls below. All factors add up to you experiencing excessively hot temperatures in summer and unnecessarily cold temperatures in winter.

Air Sealing Is Very Important To Do Along with Insulation

In your garage, J.R. Bolton’s experienced “building scientists” recommend air sealing first because it reduces air flow. Then, we’ll usually use rigid foam insulation to prevent heat transfer. That means you get more efficiency. It also resists mold and moisture growth so you don’t experience health problems.

In addition, in any home, there’s many small air leaks in most homes, ones too difficult for you to find manually. They actually require special equipment to detect. While insulation works well for preventing heat transfer, it does not slow air leaks at all. Air sealing eliminates the overwhelming majority of leaks so you feel comfortable and maximize your efficiency at a low cost.

Fiberglass or Cellulose Blow-In Insulation Makes Sense in the Rest of Your Home

You may remember or be familiar with fiberglass batts. They’re the old standard. They can insulate well when installed properly, but often they’re not cut to the right size for the space they’re insulating. Building inspectors often miss the improperly installed insulation because they usually only check if insulation’s been placed in the right areas of your home, and if it has the right R-value. Fiberglass batts, for example, can be cut too long, which leads to them compressing and not making good contact with the drywall.

In most situations, J.R. Bolton’s insulation specialists will recommend blown-in insulation. Blown-in insulation can be fiberglass or cellulose. Cellulose has higher resistance to fire, quiets your home more effectively than fiberglass, and can be quickly and easily installed over your existing insulation.

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