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Smart consumers like you do extensive research before contacting an insulation contractor to analyze your home and insulation and fix the discomfort you currently experience. See if any of the contractors you talk to tell you about the “Stack Effect.”

At J.R. Bolton Services, we understand it’s important to insulate and air seal your home based on “Stack Effect.” What is it?

It’s a naturally-occurring phenomenon in every home in Lawrenceville, with the most dramatic effects happening in winter because of the larger temperature and pressure difference. You know how warm air rises and also naturally moves to places with cooler air. During the winter, warm air wants to escape out of your attic and into the surrounding cold air as a result of the “Stack Effect.”

Cold air then rushes in through the bottom of your home where it can. Usually, this happens through cracks and gaps between your home’s foundation and frame, and in poorly insulated areas around your crawl space. This may also happen through your windows.

J.R. Bolton’s Insulation Experts Do the Job Right the First Time

Because of the Stack Effect, J.R. Bolton Services generally works on your attic, and especially your attic access door first. Tight insulation, combined with air sealing, prevents heat transfer and air flow, which gives you a big boost to your comfort and efficiency right away. Insulation by itself does nothing to prevent air flow, so it always makes sense to combine it with air sealing.

As a homeowner in Lawrenceville, you can trust J.R. Bolton Services to get your insulation improvement done right the first time, every time. It’s because our owner has more than 3 decades of experience diagnosing and repairing insulation problems of every kind. Today, he’s hired a team of dedicated employees to help solve these issues. They get weekly training from some of the brightest minds in the insulation industry, something that’s difficult to find with any other insulation company serving Lawrenceville.

Lawrenceville Homeowners: Get Your Free Insulation Analysis or Home Energy Audit Today

In addition to checking for problems caused by poor insulation, J.R. Bolton Services also offers a “Home Energy Audit.” This audit checks for all the issues causing your discomfort, including insulation problems, air sealing issues, outdated and inefficient equipment, and much more.

In both cases, you’ll learn the true cause of your discomfort and what you can do to get comfortable again. But there won’t be any sales pressure. Simply learn what you need to know, get the pricing for the job, and then act when you’re ready.

Contact J.R. Bolton Services online today to schedule your free insulation analysis or home energy audit, or call 770-268-2010.

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