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When you have insulation problems, you need to do much more than simply replace your insulation. That’s certainly part of the solution, but it misses the point if that’s all you do.

There’s much more going on in your home than first meets the eye. What many insulation contractors don’t factor into their services is “Stack Effect,” and how it works.

Also called “Chimney Effect,” it refers to the simple fact that because there’s a difference between the outdoor and indoor air temperature and moisture, air will move out of your home. During the winter, the warm air seeps out of your home’s roof, attic, and upper-level windows because that warm air naturally wants to move to places with colder air. This causes colder air to enter in through the bottom of your home through windows, the crack between your home’s frame and foundation, and crawl space. The reverse happens in summer, but it’s not as extreme.

Because of the “Stack Effect,” It Makes Sense to Insulate and Air Seal Your Attic First

The biggest escape for air trying to get out the top of your home is your attic’s access door. It needs to be insulated, and it also needs air sealing too. While insulation prevents heat transfer, which is important to your comfort, it does nothing to stop air flow. Air sealing slows air flow, another important boost to your comfort and efficiency.

However, most insulation contractors don’t account for this effect in their work. As a result, you often get a home that’s not as comfortable and efficient as it should be.

J.R. Bolton Services Insulates and Air Seals Lilburn Homes So They Stay Comfortable and Efficient All Year Long

With more than 3 decades of experience, we’ve learned exactly how to insulate and air seal homes like yours so they stay as comfortable and efficient as they should year round. Our employees get weekly training from some of the sharpest minds in the industry, so they always know exactly what to look for and how to keep your comfort and efficiency high.

You can schedule a free insulation analysis, or an entire home energy audit. With a home energy audit, you learn all the causes of your discomfort and inefficiency, including your insulation problems. You also get a cost for each improvement, but you don’t experience any sales pressure. Simply learn what you need to know, get the cost for each fix, and then act when you’re ready.

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