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Having an experienced HVAC contractor do the work necessary at your home or business is the solution that many companies serving Suwanee will tell you that you need. But, even many experienced HVAC contractors don’t always know the perfect solution to the discomfort and inefficiency you’re having.

While J.R. Bolton Services has more than 30 years of experience, we also take a unique approach to making your home or business more comfortable and efficient. Our method involves viewing your whole home as a system with many opportunities for efficiency improvement.

Making All Your HVAC Equipment Work Right Is Just Part of Your Comfort Problem

Many HVAC companies serving Suwanee simply make sure your equipment works right. That certainly could be part of the problems you’re experiencing, but you miss out on large energy and efficiency comfort gains if that’s all you do. Most homes and businesses, even ones in brand new buildings, have dozens of air leaks, many of which are too small even to notice. When you seal most of them, you get a large boost in your energy savings and efficiency.

Your home or business could also have the wrong kind of insulation, which could also be installed improperly. Insulation is a key component in stopping heat transfer. With the right kind of insulation installed properly, you can give your energy savings and comfort a big boost. When your equipment is operating perfectly, the right kind of insulation properly installed, and all your air leaks sealed, both homeowners and businesses can get a 30% increase in energy savings and a giant boost in their comfort.

Suwanee Homeowners and Businesses Need an Energy Audit to Find All the Sources of Their Energy Problems

When you call most HVAC repair and installation companies in Suwanee, they fix the immediate problem you have and recommend installing a new furnace or air conditioning system. We do that too. At J.R. Bolton, our “building scientists” will also analyze your entire home or business for all of the sources of your discomfort or inefficiency. You then get a list of all of these problems, our recommendations on which you fix first, and why.

You’ll have an opportunity to ask all your questions. Then, you can fix all of the problems, some, or just do them one-by-one as your budget allows. It’s completely your choice. We won’t put any sales pressure on you to buy now. You will experience energy savings and improved comfort as you fix each problem. And when all improvements are made, you can notice up to 30%, 50%, or even more in energy savings.

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