Suwanee’s J.R. Bolton Services Upgrades Your Insulation So You Stay Comfortable and Efficient

The biggest myth about insulation is that it reduces air flow into your home. It actually doesn’t do that at all. Instead, insulation prevents heat transfer from solid object to solid object. For example, that would be from the studs in your home’s exterior wall to the drywall. Insulation improves your comfort and efficiency by preventing heat transfer, when installed properly.

But insulation alone doesn’t do a lot to improve your efficiency and comfort. In addition, you also need to do air sealing, which does prevent air flow. With air sealing, you fill as many of the small cracks and gaps between your home and the exterior as possible (it’s impossible to get them all) so much less air flows in and out.

When insulation and air sealing are done together, they dramatically increase your home’s comfort and efficiency. But, you need an insulation contractor who serves Suwanee and has extensive experience with that.

J.R. Bolton Services Has More than 3 Decades of Experience Insulating and Air Sealing Suwanee Homes for Max Comfort and Efficiency

To our knowledge, we were the first air sealing and insulation contractor to help customers improve their comfort and efficiency. Other contractors offered similar services, but they focused on installing equipment and insulation properly, which you’ve learned isn’t going to solve your comfort or efficiency problems.

In addition to our extensive experience, all employees today get weekly training on the latest developments in insulation and comfort, an advantage you’ll have a difficult time finding at any other insulation company serving Suwanee.

In most cases, we’ll recommend beginning with insulating and air sealing your attic access door first. It’s the biggest escape for air in your home because of the “Stack Effect.”

During winter, because of the difference in temperature between the air inside and outside of your home, a pressure difference is created. Warm air naturally wants to rise and flow out of the top of your home through your attic, and your attic hatch door makes a convenient escape. Cool air then rushes in through the bottom of your home, through cracks and gaps around your home’s foundation.

During summer, the process reverses. Cool air sinks and seeps out through the bottom of your home, and warm air tries to sneak in through your attic.

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We’re happy to analyze your home’s insulation and comfort problems. You can schedule your free insulation analysis or home energy audit. A home energy audit checks your home for all possible efficiency and comfort problems, including any insulation and air sealing you need done.

You’ll learn the cost for each improvement, without any of the high sales pressure. Simply understand what’s going on with your home, and then act when you’re ready.

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