Testimonials for J.R. Bolton Services, Inc

Matt performed our annual inspection of our HVAC system. He was very thorough checking our two units at the historical Elisha Winn house in Dacula. Everything checked out good. I give Matt and J R Bolton Services two thumbs up!

Gwinnett Historical Society

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen: May I express my family’s gratitude for the weekend service your personnel gave us when the air conditioning at our home went out during a period of personal loss. We will always remember your technician who came to our assistance and also Jeff who labored long into the night for our benefit. We consider our family a Bolton customer and have successfully recommended you to all of our friends and others for your outstanding professionalism, honesty, and integrity in meeting every challenge. A special thanks, too, to Diane! God Bless You All!

E. R. M. of Atlanta , GA

To who it may concern: Recently, I purchased a new hot water heater with an additional pressure device and protective drip pan from your company. Your technician serviced my Trane furnace at the same time. Antonio was very professional and neat. After he finished everything and cleaned up, he explained the hot water system and showed me how to change my furnace filters. He also sold me a service plan for both my furnace and air conditioner. He is an asset to your company.

VIctoria W. of Atlanta, GA

Jeff, Thanks for your giving such good service. May God richly bless you! Thank you for the fast and courteous service. You’ve never failed.

Eddie & Laura A. of Atlanta, GA

Jeff, Thanks for your help. Your man did a fine job. Don’t let him get away, give our regards to your dad. I hope he is getting better and on his feet.

Matt H. of Atlanta, GA

Thank you for the prompt return of my phone call for service and the same day service. It’s greatly appreciated!

Judy C. of Atlanta, GA

Thanks for the great job! The crew is terrific, hard workers and just great people!

Jim F. of Atlanta, GA

To those who may read this I can not say enough good things about this company. I have been a J.R. Bolton customer since before 06-07-2002 and have always been impressed by their professionalism & attention to customer service. Because of the great service which I had received when I needed to have my main floor heating system replaced in 01-24-2005 the only company I considered was J. R. Bolton. Once again I was not disappointed in either the quality of the product recommended or the quality of the installation and after installation product/installation company guarantee. Then in 06-07-2010 when it came time to replace the upstairs heating unit, the upstairs A/C compressor and main floor A/C compressor and some other miscellaneous energy savings upgrades once again J. R. Bolton was the only which I company considered. Below are just a few of the things which impressed me & my family about this installation. I worked with Jeff {CEO} to come up with the most energy efficient installation based on my budget. While working with Jeff he pointed out the various tax credits/rebates available for my final installation. During the pre-installation process Jeff measured my home’s air leakage so that it could be benchmarked to determine the improvement during the post-installation process. During the installation process the following individuals deserve special recognition: Linda {Office Manager} would call each day to verify when the installation crew would be arriving at my home to begin work. Angel & Dario {Installers} would arrive promptly each day & complete the each phase of the system replacement with minimum of down time to the main floor and upstairs A/C systems. Also, there was a minimum of disruption to the daily workings of my household since I work from home. Angel & Dario {Installers} paid particular attention to details such as the installation of the outside A/C system by re-landscaping the area around the compressors and re-sizing the electrical breakers based on the newer energy efficient A/C compressors. During the post-installation process Jeff measured my home’s air leakage and compared it to the pre-installation measurements. The air leakage was significantly reduced. Now that it as been a week since the project was completed I can say that my home is far more comfortable than in previous years particularly since this week {06-14-2010 thru 06-18-2010} has seen temperatures of 90+ degrees. I can only end this by saying “I can not say enough good things about this company”.

John N. of Atlanta, GA

Mike, Thank you for the info. Again, I just want to thank you, your crews and your entire company for being so honest, professional and sharp. These are qualities long lost in most companies today. As a former project manager in the hotel renovation industry for 14 years, I know what to look for in crews and I must say I was very impressed with your staff. I did my best to look for, and to expect problems or glitches, its my background, but after inspecting the work you and your crews did – I found nothing wrong or out of place. The unit installed actually performs better than I had anticipated. Again, thank you. I will be calling in about 8-9 months for the second unit to be installed.

K. H. of Auburn, GA

Susan, I’m writing to tell you how impressed both my wife and I are with the J.R. Bolton representatives we have been in direct contact with over the past few days. Namely, Vickie, Linda, Eddie and Antonio. Each one of these staff members have impressed us in their own way. I’m especially pleased to tell you that their attention to customer service and customer satisfaction was extremely refreshing for us. Sure, other products and services were offered by the tech while he was here. In fact, I’m now thinking about pursuing the whole house inspection service (don’t call me, I’ll call you ) the tech brought to my attention. During the difficult time when our new GE water heater stopped producing hot water, the aforementioned staff members were very responsive, courteous, polite and knowledgeable during the entire process of resolving the issue. I’ll spare you the details of the problem and instead just tell you once again how pleased my wife and I are with your staff’s attention to detail and customer satisfaction. This was our very first interaction with the J.R. Bolton company. Continue the customer focus, keep your employees morale high and the JR Bolton company will be rewarded.

Scott & Lori A. of Auburn, GA

Dear Jeff: I just wanted to thank you for all of the good service and attention that your company has provided over the last 20 years. Jesse, Linda and Vickie have always been extremely conscientious and cordial in providing excellent work, whether it was scheduling the spring and fall services, working on our HVAC, or the recent installation of our new hot water heater. (And all of the other technicians, especially Antonio, who have been to our home have been very good as well.) I particularly appreciate how quickly you always respond when there is an emergency, such as the AC freezing up or our hot water heater breaking down. It was good to see you personally a few weeks ago, within an hour or so of my calling Linda about the hot water heater. So, thanks again for the excellent job that you and all of your employees do!

Kristen F. of Auburn, GA

Susan, I just wanted to thank you guys for solving my allergy problems! All summer with the rain that we have had it seemed like I had a constant cold. I wasn’t sleeping much at all. I was blaming my 2 shelties for the problem. Your people were extremely professional. The marking that you do is very effective as well. Earlier this spring, you rezoned and resealed the upstairs A/C system. In the past summers I would not be able to work in my upstairs office because it was too hot. Now, it is extremely comfortable. The downstairs part of the house is now perfect. You put a dehumidifier, a hospital grade air purifier and complete resealing of the ducts and crawlspace as well. The house even smells cleaner. It was expensive but my health is more important than money. I can be more productive and energetic when I feel great. Thank you again for running such a professional business.

John of Auburn, GA

Jeff and Diane, Thanks for your service, Both Antonio and Angel were very professional and considerate. Diane, I’ll be in touch about scheduling a service for the heaters at 5111 to “winterize” them.

Linda S. of Oakwood, GA

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