J.R. Bolton’s AC Repair Pros Serve Buford and Get You Comfortable Today

When you look for an air conditioner repair company, you want the best one you can get. You want to feel cool and comfortable again, and you want that to happen today.

And that’s why Buford homeowners and businesses call J.R. Bolton Services. We have more than 3 decades of experience finding the true cause of every possible kind of heating and cooling problem you could have.

We say “true cause” because the exact cause of your discomfort isn’t always clear. For example, your AC motor can burn out because of a variety of problems that have been feeding the issue for months and years. You could put in a new motor, but it might just burn out again if those other underlying factors weren’t repaired.

Not all air conditioner repair companies in Buford have the knowledge and experience to understand that. So, you might have to call them to come back and repair your air conditioner or furnace a few times before you get cool and comfortable again.

What Makes J.R. Bolton Services Different from Competing AC Repair Companies in Buford?

In 1983, owner Jeff Bolton added air conditioning and furnace repair services to his repertoire. After more than 3 decades, he’s seen every HVAC repair problem a system could have. But now, he and his employees perform computerized testing of your home to identify and isolate the true sources of the comfort problems you’re experiencing.

In addition, unlike nearly every other air conditioner repair service in Buford, the J.R. Bolton team meets weekly for training. Most other AC repair companies simply don’t have the time or knowledge required to do this. Also, we rarely use subcontractors because it’s much easier to maintain high service and repair quality when using employees. When new AC installations are needed, we design it using advanced building science to make sure your home or business gets system that’s the right size and is installed correctly.

Finally, we’ve been accredited with the BBB since 2001 and maintain an excellent rating to this day because of this unique approach.

Get Your Free AC Service Estimate Today

If you have an on-demand heating or cooling problem that needs to be fixed now, we can help. It’s our goal to make sure you feel comfortable again today. All trucks come loaded with the parts necessary to make most repairs. And in rare situations where the part isn’t on hand, we have a courier service that finds and delivers it so you can feel comfortable today.

We charge a fee to diagnose all on-demand HVAC repairs. All new installations are free and no-obligation. Call 770-268-2010 today and let us know what’s going on so we can get you comfortable again.

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