Air Conditioning Services for Dacula Homeowners and Businesses That Boost Comfort and Efficiency

Whether you’re a homeowner or business in Dacula, your comfort and energy efficiency are important. If you’re a homeowner, you want to enjoy your time being comfortable in your home with your family, and you don’t want to pay any more for your utilities than you have to. If you’re a business, you want cool and comfortable employees so they stay happy and productive. And, you want your energy bills as low as possible so you don’t waste money and can allocate it for high-priority business initiatives.

In both cases, J.R. Bolton Services’ experienced HVAC pros can help you get comfortable and run energy-efficient. One of the biggest challenges with HVAC repair and installation is finding a contractor who understands what it takes to get you comfortable and efficient. Many HVAC repair services simply repair your equipment and make sure it runs right.

But, AC equipment that doesn’t run properly is most likely only part of the reason you don’t feel comfortable and aren’t energy-efficient. Not enough insulation, or the wrong type, is a common problem both homeowners and businesses have. If insulation is a problem, you may notice uneven temperatures throughout the rooms at your home or business. There’s many other factors too.

Dacula businesses can cut HVAC costs by 30% or more

For most businesses, heating and cooling costs account for half of the building’s energy expenses. If you have a 10-year-old furnace, for example, it probably has a 75% AFUE rating. Today’s commercial furnaces typically come with at least a 90% AFUE. AFUE simply measures the efficiency with which a commercial furnace burns its fuel. At 75% efficiency, you get 75 units of useful energy for every 100 units of fuel you put in. So, you can see why upgrading to a more energy-efficient furnace would boost your efficiency substantially.

It works exactly the same way for homeowners too.

You need an experienced HVAC Company serving Dacula who understands all this

With HVAC repair and installation, experience does make a difference. But, a contractor can still be highly experienced and think the only solution for your HVAC system is to repair it and get it running like it should again.

At J.R. Bolton Services, we have 30+ years of experience, and we take a “whole-building” approach to solving all your home’s or business’s comfort and efficiency problems. You can also refer to our employees as “building scientists” because they analyze all the problems causing your discomfort and inefficiency.

You then get a list of all those problems and can have a discussion about which ones you need to repair most and why. It’s up to you to make the final decision as to when you’ll have the repairs and improvements made.

J.R. Bolton Services’ HVAC pros serve Dacula-area homeowners and businesses and act like your consultant. We don’t apply any annoying high sales pressure. Learn what you need to do and why, and then act when you’re ready.

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