Evaporative air conditioning systems for Greater Atlanta homeowners

For homeowners who want low maintenance and affordability

Evaporative cooling uses evaporated water to cool off your home. As the water evaporates, heat is released. If your current air conditioning system is more than 10 years old, you may be able to double your efficiency with this cooling option.

You may have already heard of evaporative coolers, as they’re also called “swamp coolers” or “wet air coolers.” They force warm air through a damp pad, and then they blow the cool air that results into your living space. Benjamin Franklin actually discovered this method of cooling himself.

Modern swamp coolers can be efficient and effective, and both increase as humidity decreases. When it gets too humid, like it does on Georgia’s coast, it’s more difficult for evaporation to work, which reduces the cooling effect.

Save money and energy today with an evaporative cooling system

The advantage of evaporative cooling systems is they cost less and are easier to install than central air conditioning and ductless cooling systems. They work well when you’re in a financial pinch and don’t see it changing. They also work well when you have a small space you need cooled for just a limited portion of the year, such as in an addition. They have very little required maintenance too.

J.R. Bolton Services can help you identify all the possible options for cooling your home, including using evaporative cooling. You’ll also learn all the costs, which won’t change unless you change the scope of your project. Then, you can make the choice that works best for you and act when ready. There’s absolutely no pressure on you to act now.

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