Geothermal Heat Pump Installation for Homeowners Throughout Greater Atlanta

Get a system that gives you ultra-efficient heating and cooling, plus efficiently heated hot water

Geothermal heat pumps offer a number of distinct advantages over HVAC systems for keeping your home comfortable:

The most efficient HVAC systems for heating and cooling your home and delivering hot water
Up to 44% more efficient than air-source heat pumps
Up to 72% more efficient than electric heating
Can save 80-90% over the cost of operating a storage tank water heater
More durable and longer life than air-source heat pumps
Uses renewable energy in the temperature of the earth
Works well for new homes being built and existing homes also

How geothermal heat pumps work

If you have to choose between a ground and air-source heat pump, ground source heat pumps make more sense in Georgia. While our air temps don’t drop below freezing often, they do so about 50 days in the typical year. When the air temperature drops to freezing or below, air-source heat pumps become wildly inefficient.

Ground source heat pumps take advantage of the consistent temperatures found about 6 feet below the earth’s surface. At that depth, temperatures in Atlanta’s ground stay at about 55-65 degrees all year long. That keeps your efficiency high.

Some, but not all, geothermal heat pumps can also heat your water. They come with an additional heat exchanger called a “desuperheater.” It’s the most efficient way for heating your water, while also heating and cooling your home. Your energy savings simply don’t get better with any other solution.

Free estimates and expert installation of geothermal heat pumps

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Geothermal heat pumps use a ground loop system to supply your home with hot and cold air. During the winter, the system reverses a refrigerant cycle that moves heat from the earth to your home. In summer, this cycle operates to move heat from your home to the earth. Drawing courtesy of

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