Greater Atlanta Homeowners Should Be Weary of Electric Heating Systems

We install heating systems that offer more efficiency without sacrificing comfort

Many homeowners mistakenly believe electricity is a clean, reliable, and hassle-free heat source. However, in America, just 7% of our electricity is produced from renewable sources. Most electricity is generated by coal or gas, which contribute a high amount of pollution to the atmosphere.

If you’re using an electric furnace, you’re overpaying greatly for your heating. Gas is far cheaper and doesn’t cause any more harm to the environment than electric. Electricity also doesn’t heat your home evenly. You may notice hot and cold spots throughout your home, and you may even experience this in the same room.

Highly efficient gas furnaces are now affordable for all homeowners. So, they simply make more sense to install. The money you save on your heating bills over the life of your furnace will more than account for the costs of buying and installing a new one.

J.R. Bolton Services has more than 3 decades of experience helping Greater Atlanta homeowners identify energy-efficient furnaces that don’t sacrifice any comfort. Because our techs get weekly training, which is unusual in the HVAC industry, they have the skills necessary to help you make the best decision for your efficiency and comfort.

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Two Other Types of Electric Heating Systems

“Electric heat” can actually be installed in your home in several different ways. You can have an electric furnace in your basement, or one of the following:

1. Electric Space Heaters

You’ll often hear energy-savings enthusiasts speak negatively about electric space heaters. However, they do have their place in your home. They make sense in rooms you don’t use often, like porches or spare guest rooms.

2. Electric Baseboard Heating

This type of heating system works just like your stove. Electricity is passed through a resisting kind of metal, which causes it to heat up. That heat then distributes throughout your room. You may notice aluminum fins on your electric heater, which are designed to assist in heat transfer.

Builders and developers like electric baseboard because it’s cheap and easy to install. The problem is that if you use it to heat your whole house, your costs quickly skyrocket. Like a space heater, baseboard works best when used sparingly to heat certain rooms in your home.

J.R. Bolton Services can help you get the energy savings you want without sacrificing your comfort.

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