Efficient Forced Air Heating System Installation And Repair for Greater Atlanta Homeowners

Heat your entire home efficiently, and stay comfortable at the same time

You’re familiar with forced-air heating systems because they use ductwork to distribute heat throughout your home. Supply ducts bring the air to various rooms throughout your home, while return ducts take cool air back to your furnace’s air handler for reheating. A powerful fan inside of your furnace grabs air for return and propels it throughout your home.

Forced-air furnaces keep your entire home warm no matter how cold it gets outside. They’re also highly energy-efficient these days.

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Different kinds of forced-air heating systems

Forced-air heating systems can include gas-fired furnaces, heat pumps, or oil or gas-fired boilers. Heat pumps work efficiently when the outdoor temperature stays above 38°. That’s because they simply transfer heat inside and outside of your home, just like your air conditioner. Gas-fired furnaces work well in all temperatures. You can optionally install a hybrid heat-pump/gas-fired furnace for maximum efficiency. As an added bonus, heat pumps also help your air conditioner circulate cool air throughout your home during summer.

While forced-air heating systems are highly efficient, the one knock against them is that they circulate dust and other allergens throughout the air in your home. You can mitigate this effect by buying and installing higher-quality filters designed to remove more kinds of allergens from the air, but it still remains a risk. If your family suffers from frequent allergies or other respiratory illnesses, you may want to consider alternatives.

One of the biggest causes of inefficiency with any forced-air heating system is leaky ductwork. Some leaks you can easily notice, but many others you cannot. It’s important to have professionals seal your ductwork or insulate any ductwork that runs throughout your home’s attic.

Save money and energy today with an efficient forced-air heating system

Which forced-air heating system makes most sense for you? Our employees are happy to help you find out. Schedule your free estimate today to learn which system will boost your energy savings without sacrificing any of your comfort.

Every forced-air heating system has a network of return and supply registers. While supply registers deliver heated air throughout your home, return registers pull it back to the air handler.

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