Energy-Saving Gas Heating Systems for Greater Atlanta Homeowners

Gas heating systems are convenient and affordable for every homeowner

“Gas heating” refers to heating with either natural gas or propane. Currently, gas furnaces can heat your home at up to 98% efficiency, although you get the best value for your money at 95-96%.

Many gas furnaces that are about 10 years old combust at 65% efficiency. If you buy a 95% efficient furnace, that’s an instant 30% savings on your annual gas bill. Combine this with properly installed insulation (which many homes don’t have), and air sealing in your attic and basement (the two biggest areas of energy inefficiency in most homes), and you can easily reduce your current energy bills by 50%, and possibly more.

However, you must work with an HVAC company that understands your whole home as a “system.” Most contractors simply check to make sure your equipment works right, which is important. But, they don’t realize it’s important to check your insulation, ductwork, and air envelope too.

J.R. Bolton Focuses on Your Comfort

To the best of our knowledge, we were the first HVAC contractor to view your home as a system and focus on improving your comfort (which began around 2001). So, we’re the most experienced HVAC company in Atlanta who finds all the sources of your home’s discomfort and inefficiency, including the possible replacement of your furnace.

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We serve all of Greater Atlanta, including Alpharetta, Winder, Redan, Tucker, Cumming, Suwanee, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Gainesville, Flowery Branch, Pendergrass, and many others.

How to understand your furnace’s “AFUE” rating

Your furnace (and also your water heater) burns fuel to generate heat. That heat (or water) then flows through your ductwork or pipes to its destination. The efficiency rating, or “AFUE” in the case of your gas furnace, shows what percentage of the fuel you burn becomes heat. The remaining percentage gets vented outside through a plastic PVC pipe, where it’s lost and gone.

“AFUE” stands for “Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency.” In the HVAC industry, sometimes terms get thrown around and confused purposely to trick you into thinking you’re getting energy savings when in fact you’re not.

“AFUE” is not one of those terms, fortunately. It’s simple to understand. When you look at gas furnaces, you’ll see ones with 80-90 AFUE. If the gas furnace you want to get has an AFUE of 96, that means it’s 96% efficient, with just 4% of energy going to waste.

Gas furnaces are highly efficient and work best for heating when the outdoor temperature falls below 38°. They can heat well above that too, but heat pumps are more efficient at that temperature and above. You can install hybrid gas furnace/heat pump systems to maximize your energy savings.

J.R. Bolton Services helps you find the right furnace that keeps you comfortable and boosts your energy savings

You can have the best of both worlds: comfort and saving money and energy. But, you must let a true expert help you make a sound decision. J.R. Bolton Services has more than 3 decades of experience helping Atlanta homeowners make smart decisions with their furnaces. Our techs receive regular weekly training, which is rare in the HVAC industry.

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The type of fuel you choose affects your costs and depends on what’s available locally

Gas-fired furnaces can be easily modified to burn either propane or natural gas. Propane contains more energy than natural gas, so producing heat with it costs less. However, propane costs more than natural gas up-front, offsetting any cost savings.

Propane is stored in a tank outside your home while natural gas arrives through pipes.

If you’re concerned with the good of the environment, propane and natural gas produce minimal pollution. Also, our nation plans on developing natural gas in the future, which means there will likely be an abundant supply and stable prices.

Upgrade to a gas furnace to start saving energy and money, without giving away any of your comfort

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If you have other home comfort issues, but aren’t sure how to solve them, a home energy audit is the best approach. It allows our experienced experts to pinpoint all the problems causing your discomfort and lack of efficiency.

All of our HVAC pros get weekly ongoing training so they’re ready to put an end to any problem your home experiences. You’ll save money and get comfortable at the same time.

A standard gas-fired furnace. This type of furnace must vent through a chimney and uses room air to aid combustion.

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