Wood Heating for Greater Atlanta Homeowners

An inexpensive and renewable energy source for heating your home

Today’s firewood gets made from wood waste leftover from wood product manufacturing. It’s a renewable natural resource. When you use a biofuel like this, you can have a freestanding stove or fireplace insert.

Homeowners who use wood typically do so to help their home’s main heating source, usually a fuel like gas. While you have to put up with feeding the fire, removing ashes, and cleaning your chimney, you spend less on fuel for your primary heating system. Many homeowners also appreciate the aesthetic beauty and general charm of wood stoves.

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You can have stoves that burn wood or gas

Wood burning stoves need a dedicated air supply vented in from the outside to do their work. A large volume of air leaves your home when you burn wood in a stove. The problem with that is that it leaves an air vacuum with negative air pressure inside your home. So air rushes in every gap and crack in your home. The effect you feel is that the room the stove is in stays warm and toasty, while distant rooms in your home feel cold.

How valuable heating with biofuels in your home is depends on how you use the stove in your home. Wood stoves pose a much greater fire hazard than boilers and furnaces. If you use poor-quality firewood, your wood stove can cause a ton of pollution. The same goes if it’s not certified by the EPA.

Wood-burning stoves can give you an efficiency of 70 to 83%

While homeowners of a couple decades ago would have loved to get their hands on a stove with 70-83% efficiency, that’s not all that great today. Today’s gas furnaces are affordable with 94-96% efficiency, and you can even get up to 98% efficiency.

Wood stoves are generally bought for their aesthetics and charm. The cost of the wood to fuel them is affordable too.

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Wood stoves make sense for many Georgia homeowners. We’ll help you decide on the right one for your needs.

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Wood heat is best-suited to homes located in rural and suburban areas

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