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Do you worry about the potentially harmful health conditions poor indoor air quality causes? Do you notice any of these symptoms of poor indoor air quality in your home:

Other respiratory conditions
Muscle aches
Sinus infections

Believe it or not, your HVAC system could actually be working against you and contributing to these health conditions. It’s easy to not realize you have indoor air pollution problems until severe conditions like allergies, frequent colds, and respiratory ailments happen.

Doctors can certainly help you address these conditions. But compounding the problem is that many of the symptoms of poor indoor air quality can easily be mistaken for the flu. So, doctors can easily misdiagnose air quality issues caused by your HVAC system that lead to your health problems.

However, without treating the source of the problem, your home’s HVAC system, your home’s health problems are simply going to reappear. In the meantime, you’ll keep making frequent doctor visits and taking medications unnecessarily.

If you’ve bought expensive air cleaners, but continue to experience these health conditions caused by poor indoor air quality, you likely have an HVAC system in need of inspection and repair. What can you do to your HVAC system to make your home healthy again?

J.R. Bolton Services accurately diagnoses the causes of poor indoor air quality

The World Health Organization created the term “Sick Building Syndrome” in 1986. “SBS” as it gets called now, refers to a set of health problems caused when buildings were made “tighter” to improve energy efficiency. For the first time, substances like formaldehyde were identified as “volatile organic compounds” (VOCs).

VOCs slowly got removed from many products like carpeting, adhesives, and furniture. As that happened, mold, pollen, bacteria, dust, carbon monoxide, radon, and other pollutants were identified. The EPA, CDC, and many other leading health organizations now recognize indoor air pollution as a major health concern.

You may have some of these common indoor air pollutants, or others, in your own home:

Pet dander
Fumes from cleaning supplies
Carbon monoxide
Gases emitted from furnishings and building materials

J.R. Bolton Services corrects and detects SBS causes and IAQ issues

IAQ problems and SBS have many causes. Leaky ductwork, plumbing leaks, excessive basement moisture, and many conditions can lead to IAQ problems and SBS.

You have to choose the right HVAC contractor to help you improve your indoor air quality so your health doesn’t suffer. However, most HVAC contractors only know how to fix your equipment and make sure it runs properly and efficiently.

That could be part of the problem. But, you miss out on many other potential causes of poor indoor air quality if that’s all you do. J.R. Bolton Services has sophisticated HVAC knowledge and experience so you can put an end to all the causes of your indoor air quality problems.

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Sealing leaky ducts is one of many ways to eliminate indoor air pollution and respiratory conditions caused by sick building syndrome.

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