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For Your Serenity’s Sake, Make Sure You Insulate!

Insulation is one of the top factors affecting the health and comfort of your home. So, if your home lacks insulation or its current insulation was poorly installed, you’ll find yourself facing uneven temperatures from room to room, drafts when all of the windows and doors are shut, unnecessarily high energy bills or other uncomfortable issues.

Thankfully, with J.R. Bolton Services on your side, it doesn’t have to be this way. We have the home insulation services you need to increase your home’s energy efficiency for the cozier space and lower energy bills you deserve. Plus, with over three decades of experience, you can count on our experienced insulation contractors in Gwinnett County and the surrounding area to install your insulation right the first time.

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Insulation Is the Key to Unlocking a Comfier Home

Insulation is the most practical and cost-effective way to attain a more energy-efficient, healthier and comfortable home.

Warm air naturally travels to cooler places. So, without insulation, heated air will escape your home in the winter and seep inside it from outdoors during the summer. This not only makes it impossible for you to keep your home comfy, but it leads to significant energy loss, too.

However, insulation prevents this heat transfer from happening. You see, acting as a barrier against heat loss and heat gain, insulation puts control of your home’s coziness back into the right hands: yours.

But that’s not all. When properly installed, insulation:

  • Boosts your comfort & energy savings immediately
  • Saves up to 80 percent in heating & cooling losses
  • Reduces condensation to prevent mold growth
  • Improves your home’s indoor air quality
  • Eliminates high energy bills
  • Lowers your home’s greenhouse gas emission
  • Decreases your reliance on your heating and cooling systems

Properly installed insulation makes it effortless to keep your home comfortable all year long.

But homeowners beware. It’s quite common for insulation to be incorrectly installed. Whether the wrong type or amount has been added, or your insulation fails to cover the areas it should, improperly installed insulation is as effective as having no insulation at all!

Insulation Done Right—the First Time

If you’re looking for dependable home insulation services in Fulton County, Gwinnett County, DeKalb County and beyond, there’s only one company to turn to—and that’s J.R. Bolton Services.

Because our company cares about our customers, we refuse to just hang our hats on the three-plus decades of insulation experience we have under our belts. Instead, our insulation contractors in and around Fulton County receive weekly installation training to keep their skills sharp. This certifies we’ll deliver nothing but the most reliable and innovative home insulation services for DeKalb County, Gwinnett County and beyond. All we ask for in return is your complete satisfaction.

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Don’t Wait! Let’s Insulate!

Because every home is different, there’s no one-size-fits-all insulation solution. So, to help you make the best decision for your home’s specific needs, our insulation contractors in DeKalb County and neighboring communities offer a free, no-obligation consultation. During this evaluation, you’ll learn exactly which kind of insulation services in and around Fulton County you’ll need and why. Then, from our basement insulation services to our attic insulation services, we’ll use our findings to properly install the right type of insulation to the exact areas that need it. Then, through our air duct sealing services, we’ll seal windows, doors and other areas where air tends to enter and escape your home. This will take your home’s efficiency—and your comfort—to the next level.

Here are the insulation services we offer:

Attic Insulation

Heat rises. So, if you want to stop your heated air from leaking out of your home or the summer heat from seeping in, attic insulation is a top priority.

Wall Insulation

Upgrading wall insulation eliminates cold winter drafts in your home.

Garage Insulation

If you have a floor above your garage, it’s essential you insulate it.


Properly sealed ducts help your HVAC systems operate at peak efficiency.

Crawl Space Insulation

Insulating and sealing your crawl space needs to happen if you want maximum efficiency and comfort.

Air Sealing

It takes more than insulation for your home to reach utmost efficiency. It must be air sealed, too.

Basement Insulation

For optimum comfort, energy efficiency and savings, basement insulation isn’t an option. It’s a necessity.

Free Estimates

Find out for free what insulation your home needs.

Looking for Superior Comfort in Greater Atlanta? We Can Help!

Our insulation services make for a difference you can feel—all year long. So, whether you’re looking to schedule your free insulation evaluation or you’re ready to start operating your home in the most efficient way possible, contact us at 770.268.2010 today!

We serve all of Greater Atlanta. This includes:

  • Alpharetta
  • Braselton
  • Buford
  • Chestnut Mountain
  • Commerce
  • Cumming
  • Dacula
  • Duluth
  • Flowery Branch
  • Gainesville
  • Lawrenceville
  • Lilburn
  • Norcross
  • Suwanee
  • …And many more cities!

Rigid foam insulation comes in panels with various thicknesses and works best in your basement because it resists absorption of moisture and repels mold.

Cellulose insulation greatly reduces the energy needed to heat and cool your home. It’s inexpensive. It takes less energy to make than any other kind of insulation. It’s made from recycled newspaper, having the highest amount of recycled content (85%) of any insulation. It also prevents the release of methane because newspaper isn’t sent to a landfill. It usually gets blown into attics and wall and floor cavities as an upgrade. And no harmful chemicals are used to make it.

Injection foam is specially formulated to insulate enclosed spaces only, like wall cavities. It works best where your existing insulation isn’t doing its job alone.

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