Top Air Sealing Strategies for Greater Atlanta Homeowners

First, identify the best air sealing techniques and materials

Once one of our professionals completes the visual inspection and blower door test for your home, you’ll know how much air leaks reduce your efficiency and personal comfort. In most cases, you’ll learn you have dozens of leaks to repair. J.R. Bolton’s experienced and highly trained professionals take a straightforward approach to air sealing your house.

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The most important areas of your home

First, you need to seal your attic access stores, and your whole house fan, because those are the biggest holes in your home. Usually, it’s wisest to seal your basement and crawl space next. By this time, you’ve taken care of most of the leaks that affect your home. Next, you’ll take care of the conditioned living area in your home.

Do caulking and weatherstripping take care of your leaks?

Caulking and weatherstripping definitely work to provide quick money-saving and comfort-enhancing results. But do they catch all your leaks? Caulk works well at sealing stationary cracks like the ones around your window and door frames. Weatherstripping seals cracks that move around, like the ones around doors and windows that move.

However, you’ll have a number of unseen cracks around your home that continue to eat away at your efficiency and comfort. They are simply too small to see and require a home energy audit and blower door test to identify.

Insulation must be a large part of your air sealing project so your comfort and efficiency improve

By far, the second largest impact on your home’s efficiency will be having the right kind of insulation properly installed. Many contractors don’t do this correctly, so it’s important to find an experienced one who knows exactly what to do.

Foam insulation can be sprayed into your walls with the removal of sheetrock, attic spaces, and between floor joists to eliminate even more of the cracks and openings that are so small you can’t even see them. Electrical penetrations like recessed lights and plumbing penetrations like the pipes leading to exterior water spouts can be additional sources of leakage. Rigid foam panels may also be used, and spray foam is applied around them so you have a tight seal. Dense-packed cellulose may also be used. Our professionals will come to your home and explain what needs to be done and why, without putting any sales pressure on you.

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While sealing air leaks, consider making your fireplace more efficient by installing a direct vent high efficiency gas insert.

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