Greater Atlanta Blower Door Testing that Increases Your Comfort

Blower door testing reveals leaks our experts need to fix

Some energy-saving and comfort-enhancing techniques work faster than others. Blower door testing is one of the fastest and most cost-effective. You also see a rapid return on investment, while other energy efficiency enhancements take years to pay back for themselves.

First, you have to find the leaks. Some are obvious, as you might see a gap under your door and feel a slight breeze. But not all leaks are this easily found.

It’s the dozens of small and hard-to-find air leaks that make your home uncomfortable and your energy bills much higher than necessary. Before you make any other energy-efficiency enhancements to your home, you should have a blower door test done to show exactly how your home uses energy. Then, the leaks can be fixed as future energy efficiency enhancements are made.

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Why should you find and fix all air leaks in your home?

There’s a few reasons you should do this:

Lower utility costs

More energy efficiency
Reduce uncomfortable areas of your home
Learn how much ventilation you need to improve your indoor air quality
Get healthier when your indoor air quality increases

How does a blower door test work?

Blower door tests typically happen before and after air sealing your home. The initial test reveals a baseline of how your home uses energy. The post-work test shows how much your efficiency has improved and where you’ve made your gains. It also helps technicians identify any leaks that might have been missed.

The test itself measures the cubic feet per minute (CFM) running through your house. A cubic foot is about the size of a basketball.

To start, a special fan gets mounted in the frame of one of your exterior doors. This fan removes air from inside your home, which lowers the air pressure inside to -50 pascals, a unit of pressure. Because you now have a difference in air pressure between the inside and outside of your home, air naturally wants to escape through every crack it can find. It works just like when you close an exterior door, and then an interior one also closes.

As the fan runs, one of our experienced and highly trained professionals inspects each room in your home for leaks. He uses a manometer to measure the difference between the inside and outside pressure and airflow.

Also feeding airflow throughout your home is a natural phenomenon known as the “Stack Effect.” In winter, negative air pressure moves up from the bottom of your house through your attic, and out of your home. In the summer, that process reverses.

The technician then analyzes the resulting airflow data to determine how much air your home leaks. This helps him find unsealed openings before and after air sealing work.

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Even if you have a newly built home, you can still have a significant amount of leakage. A blower door test will show the areas that need air sealing and additional insulation.

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How leaky is your house? A blower door uses a fan to create negative pressure in your house. This causes outside air to be pulled in through gaps and cracks, making them easier to locate & fix.

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