Basement Insulation Solutions

1, 2, 3 Insulate … and Make Your Basement Great!

Many homeowners with basements don’t realize how good they have it. Essentially, a basement is “free room” in your house that can be transformed into a beautiful new space. Still, many homeowners don’t utilize this area to their advantage because they label it too damp or too cold. Well, at J.R. Bolton Services, we’re here to change that.

First of all, the reason many basements remain cold and damp is because they’ve never been properly insulated—or they’ve never been insulated at all. And no one likes to spend time in a damp, chilly room. Fortunately, there are solutions to making a cold basement a more comfortable, livable space—and it all starts with proper insulation from J.R. Bolton Services.

Don’t Wait to Insulate!

There are a number of benefits to insulating a basement. From decreasing humidity problems and preventing the influx of cooler air to decreasing mildew worries and lowering your utility costs, the reasons are plentiful.

And at J.R. Bolton Services, we do it all. When you are ready to improve your basement’s livable space, call our insulation experts to get started. There are three things we can do right off the bat to improve your basement’s comfort level:

Seal and insulate the rim joist. What’s a rim joist? The edge of the house where the floor framing rests on the foundation is called the rim joist, and it is a major source of air leakage and energy loss. Leakage is exacerbated when plumbing, wiring and dryer vents penetrate to the exterior. We will eliminate this problem by sealing and insulating the rim joist.
Insulate foundation walls. We will insulate your foundation walls with rigid foam insulation. This is a great choice for concrete walls and won’t absorb water or become damaged.
Insulate the basement floor. Do you want a warm finished floor in your basement? No problem. We can easily fix cold basement floors. We use a revolutionary new product called ThermaDry® that is both moisture-proof and mold-proof and will result in a warm, long-lasting basement floor. Also, while you’re considering insulation, don’t forget about your attic. We can also provide attic insulation services, too!

Transforming your basement into an additional—and comfortable—living space is an excellent investment. Taking time to insulate your basement now will pay off dividends in the long run. When you need basement insulation services or duct sealing services in and around Fulton County, let J.R. Bolton Services be your first call.

Better Your Basement and Improve Your Comfort

If your goal is to make better use of your basement space, insulation upgrades should be a top priority. At J.R. Bolton Services, we have top-of-the-line basement insulation products and the highest skilled technicians to install them throughout Fulton County and surrounding communities. Let us help transform your basement into the coziest space in the house!

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Rim joist insulation & sealing. We make sure to seal & insulate the outer edge of the house framing to help stop air leaks, pests and major heat loss.

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