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Improve indoor air quality, comfort, energy efficiency, your health, and prevent mold and moisture damage

It’s easy to forget about everything you have in your crawl space. But, encapsulating your crawl space is important for your efficiency, comfort, health, and for the condition of what you store in it. Many problems result when you don’t. Most commonly this includes damp conditions, which could cause mold growth.

At J.R. Bolton, our experienced technicians inspect your crawl space, seal all air leaks, and correctly encapsulate and insulate it so you stay comfortable, healthy, and efficient.

4 signs of problems with your crawl space:

You have to run your heat constantly during winter to stay comfortable in rooms above your crawl space
The floor directly above your crawl space stays unusually cold during winter
Your crawl space smells or looks moldy
Your crawl space is constantly damp

The problem: many Atlanta-area homes don’t have their crawl space properly encapsulated

If you have an older home with a damp crawl space, there’s a good chance it’s vented. That’s the old way of reducing humidity and moisture. Honestly, it doesn’t do a good job of preventing moisture or humidity problems, and in fact may make them even worse. That leads to mold growth and costly damage to your home. And it can also provide an easy entrance for pests and rodents.

But that’s where encapsulation comes in and saves the day. With encapsulation, J.R. Bolton’s experienced techs install a polyethylene (plastic) vapor barrier that covers your crawl space and prevents moisture and humidity from entering. Think of it like adding the liner to a swimming pool so it doesn’t leak.

However, that’s not the end of encapsulation. While the vapor barrier prevents moisture and humidity from entering, it doesn’t stop air flow or prevent heat transfer. Insulation prevents heat transfer, and closed-cell foam may be used around your rim band joist. Air sealing seals all the many cracks and gaps that allow air to flow through your crawl space, many of which are too small to find.

Combined, encapsulation, air sealing, and insulation work together to make your crawl space cool, comfortable, and dry. As a result, the rest of your home stays cool, comfortable, and dry too. You won’t have any mold problems or have to make expensive repairs to fix them. And you don’t have to worry about pests entering your home.

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J.R. Bolton’s crawl space encapsulation:

Free evaluation

Free estimate

Eliminates moisture and humidity, and the problems they cause

Air sealing improves your comfort and efficiency

Crawl spaces, especially those with dirt floors or moisture problems, are wet in summer and cold in winter! Crawl space wall and floor insulation can solve all that!

Looking good & lasting long. Rigid foam insulation can’t be damaged by moisture and won’t degrade in appearance or R-value over time. In a crawl space, it’s usually installed against the interior face of foundation walls.

Top performance. Covering the crawl space floor with TerraBlock™ insulation creates a durable thermal and moisture barrier.

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