Aeroseal air duct sealing for Greater Atlanta homeowners

Did you know your ductwork can have hundreds of tiny holes and gaps that leak up to  40% of the air distributed through them? While they’re responsible for distributing heated and cooled air throughout your home, it’s easy to lose significant amounts of air without even noticing it.

It’s completely possible to seal ducts once they have been installed, but it’s not as easy as most homeowners believe. Many leaks happen in ductwork that runs inside of your home’s walls, floors, and ceilings. They can also be buried under your insulation. Ductwork isn’t nearly as accessible as it used to be.

But, there is a way to seal ducts with relative ease: aerosealing. Developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, holes and cracks up to 5/8 of an inch wide can be sealed, reducing your ductwork’s air leakage up to 90%.

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How does Aerosealing work?

It’s a simple and quick process:

  1. Your ductwork is tested to see if it needs Aerosealing
  2. All registers get sealed off
  3. A blower pressurizes your ducts using an aerosol blast of tiny adhesive particles
  4. The particles stay suspended until they find a leak. As they try to escape your ductwork, they attach to the cracks and holes they escape through.
  5. Eventually, you have enough particles to seal your leak.
  6. A second test is performed to measure the overall effectiveness of the aerosealing.

How can you trust the sealant used is actually safe?

You’re right to be suspicious about the sealant’s safety because you’ve certainly heard of other products claimed to be “safe” for consumer use, but that actually weren’t. You don’t want to put anything in your ductwork that ends up being hazardous to breathe.

The sealant used in our aerosealing systems is tested and approved for such use by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL). UL carries out government-regulated safety tests. It only approves products for various uses after extensive testing. If you want to learn more about UL’s credibility, just Google them.

Aerosealing has passed UL testing for smoke generation, flame spread, mold growth, and erosion. In other words, aerosealing doesn’t cause any additional safety or health hazards in your home.

Aerosealing uses water and two chemicals found in water-based paints, adhesives, and hair spray. Plus, the sealant doesn’t have an odor, won’t crack, and comes with a 10-year warranty!

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