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Why concern yourself with energy savings in that room above your garage? Your garage is usually an afterthought – the place where you park your cars, store your tools, and keep some of your kid’s toys.

If your garage is detached, you don’t have to worry about how it could affect your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. If it is attached, like most garages, then you do have to concern yourself with heat transfer between your garage and home.

With an attached garage, there’s a good chance it’s not properly insulated so it doesn’t impact the efficiency and comfort of your home. Properly insulating your garage can have a large impact on the comfort and efficiency of the rest of your home.

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Garage insulation options that make sense for Georgia homeowners

Insulate your garage’s ceiling

If you have living space above your garage, insulating your garage’s ceiling is a must. Without insulation, too much heat can transfer through, and that living space becomes extremely cold during winter and uncomfortably hot in summer. Not only will you not be able to use that living space as often as you’d like, but you’ll also be wasting energy all year long.

Insulating garage walls

With attached garages, the wall between your living space and garage should be air sealed, insulated, and finished with fire-rated drywall. It’ll only add to your comfort and efficiency.

Rigid foam insulation gives you comfort and efficiency

J.R. Bolton’s experienced and highly trained insulation installation professionals install rigid foam insulation. Compared to other kinds of insulation, it offers better air sealing and insulating value. It also won’t compress or get damaged from mold like fiberglass insulation. And it can last many years before it needs replacing.

Air Sealing Prevents Airflow, Which Improves Comfort and Efficiency

In addition to insulation, which only prevents heat transfer, you’ll likely need your garage air sealed. Air sealing prevents air flow by sealing most of the gaps and cracks between your garage and home, many of which are too small to see. Insulation only addresses heat transfer, but does nothing to reduce air flow. Combined, air sealing and insulation prevent heat transfer and air flow to adjoining areas of your home, so they remain comfortable year-round.

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You may also want to consider a free home energy audit. Not only does this check your garage insulation, but it also analyzes your entire home for all possible sources of your inefficiency and discomfort.

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Did the home builder install your insulation right?

The shared wall between your garage’s ceiling and home’s floor should be air-sealed and insulated. However, not all home builders remember to do this. We can inspect your garage to make sure it’s properly sealed and insulated.

Garages cause your home to lose heat in winter and gain heat during summer. Cold or warm air gets into your garage’s ceiling and sneaks into your living space above.

Do you notice extremely hot and cold temperatures in the living space above your garage? If so, your garage needs an inspection.

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