Give Thanks to Your HVAC System This Thanksgiving

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Discover Ways to Show Your Unit Appreciation for Total Comfort

They say if you have a family that loves you, a close friend or two and a roof over your head, then you have a lot to be thankful for. But, at J.R. Bolton, we believe there’s one more thing that belongs on that list: a trusty HVAC system.

Think about it: Your HVAC system keeps you cool when the outside temperatures climb and toasty warm when they take a dive. Meanwhile, in return for this year-round comfort, it never asks for much more than a clean filter and the occasional need for one of our HVAC services in Gwinnett County, GA, or beyond.

We believe it’s time to say thanks to your unit. Here are just a few things you can do to show your unit the appreciation it deserves:

Change Your Unit’s Filters

A clogged filter forces your unit to work harder to cool or heat your home. This added—and unnecessary—strain compromises your system’s lifespan. To avoid costly repairs or, even worse, a premature replacement, it’s best to change your unit’s filter every four to six months. In turn, your unit will reward you with improved performance. This means better airflow, more efficient operation and lower energy bills.

Clean Up!

From dust and grit to rocks and twigs, the outdoor component of your air conditioner is exposed to all kinds of debris. If you don’t clean up around your unit, this debris could eventually get lodged in your unit, causing serious damage or significantly reducing your system’s performance.

You’ll want to tidy up inside your home, too. Wipe down dusty surfaces and vacuum your floors to remove dust, pet dander, dirt and other airborne contaminants that are sucked into your air conditioner and distributed around your home. Also, wipe down your unit’s vents to remove any particles that may have already entered your unit.

Schedule an Inspection

There’s nothing your unit loves more than to receive some TLC. To give your system the care it craves and deserves, schedule an annual inspection with a professional from J.R. Bolton. Our professionals will examine your unit, inside and out, to uncover hard-to-detect performance issues and faulty parts that, if left unchecked, can escalate in severity, causing major damage to your unit and your budget. It will also ensure your unit is performing in tip-top shape, possibly adding years to its lifespan.

Check Your Ducts for Leaks

A leaking unit can wreak havoc. Leaks can cause less energy efficiency, poorer air quality, inadequate air pressure, unacceptable humidity levels and more. To check for leaks, take a flashlight and visually inspect your ducts for black spots. Using your hand, feel for small drafts coming from inside the ducts.

If you detect a leak, turn to J.R. Bolton for help. Our team of insulation contractors in DeKalb County has the expertise to efficiently repair and insulate your air ducts. Insulating your ducts helps prevent future leaks and boosts your unit’s energy efficiency, which can significantly lower energy bills.

Your Unit Will Thank You for Turning to Us

Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to give thanks to your unit. Start today! Fill out our online form or call us at 770.268.2010 to schedule an annual inspection with our team.

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