Greater Atlanta Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

Central air and ductless AC systems done fast and right

Do you have an old, unreliable, inefficient, noisy, or costly AC system? Does your home still not have a central air conditioning system?

At J.R. Bolton Services, we were the first Atlanta-area HVAC contractor, to our knowledge, to take a whole-home approach to HVAC repair that focuses on your comfort, not just making sure your AC system runs right. We started this approach in 2001.

We can design an AC system that keeps you cool in the intense Georgia heat, without driving your energy bills through the roof too. We install only high-efficiency ENERGY STAR compliant equipment, so you can rest assured you’ll start saving immediately.

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We offer free estimates to resident throughout all of Greater Atlanta, including Duluth, Gainesville, Norcross, Alpharetta, Roswell, Buford, Suwanee, Braselton, Commerce, and many more.

Custom air conditioning solutions for unique homes

Your AC system needs to be the right size for your home. You need to have the right “tonnage,” which refers to the amount of heat your AC system removes from your home. One ton equals 12,000 BTUs of heat.

Many HVAC contractors don’t understand this. When you get an AC system that’s too big or small for your home, you lose a large amount of efficiency. J.R. Bolton Services helps you identify the right size AC system for your home.

Possible AC installation options for your home:

Existing forced-air heating and cooling

In this situation, you’re simply replacing your old central AC. New equipment certified by ENERGY STAR can have more than twice the efficiency of your old equipment.

Ductless air conditioning

If you don’t have existing ductwork, this may be your best option. When ductwork doesn’t already exist in your home, it’s expensive to install. Instead, you can mount an air handler in each room of your home. It makes more sense than a window-mounted unit because it’s more efficient, less noisy, doesn’t block your view, and you can still open your windows for fresh air when you want it.

Major renovation that installs ductwork

“Gutting” your home means you install ductwork in your home for the first time.

Home addition

You can extend ductwork into a new addition to your home. When that’s not possible, you can install a ductless system.

Enjoy the comfort and efficiency of a new AC system

Improperly installed HVAC equipment reduces your HVAC system’s efficiency by 30% or more. We meet ENERGY STAR Quality Installation guidelines so you always get the most comfort and max energy savings from your AC system.

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We serve all of Greater Atlanta, including Suwanee, Roswell, Cumming, Auburn, Alpharetta, Buford, Dacula, Chestnut Mountain, Flowery Branch, Gainesville, Gillsville, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Oakwood, Braselton, Jefferson, and many others.

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Cool news. Thanks to ongoing innovation, air conditioning systems installed today can be more than twice as efficient as those installed 10 years ago.

You may need a new AC system if your current one:

Is 10+ years old

Needs frequent repairs

Doesn’t cool certain areas of your home like it should

Turns on and off constantly

Causes your energy bills to go way up

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