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For most homeowners, home comfort is—and should be—a top priority. This is especially true when it comes to indoor comfort during the Atlanta heat. Without a properly installed air conditioning system, you might not only lose your cool, but you could lose up to 30 percent of your system’s efficiency. That’s like throwing money out the window! Fortunately, when you choose air conditioning installation service in Fulton County and surrounding areas from J.R. Bolton Services, we ease all of your HVAC worries. You can count on us to save you money and keep you cool throughout even the hottest season.

Custom Solutions Just for You

Before settling on the installation of a new system, you should first consider the size of your home. Many HVAC contractors don’t understand that when you install an AC system that’s too big (or too small), you lose a large amount of efficiency. But when you find the just-right fit, you’ll be maximizing your efficiency and saving yourself money!

How do you determine the perfect size? Call us! At J.R. Bolton Services, we can easily help you identify the best air conditioning system for your home. And when you’re ready for installation, we can handle that, too. Our trained professionals replace and install only high-efficiency Energy Star-compliant equipment that will keep those monthly utility bills in check. In fact, you’ll notice those savings almost immediately.

We’ve Got Cool Options

Central AC

When you install a central air conditioning system, you should choose one that is optimal for the size of your home. Like a new pair of jeans, proper fit means everything. Replacing an old system with one that fits the size of your house can result in huge efficiency gains. Another plus? The ductwork that is used for cooling in the summertime can also be used for heating in the wintertime. And keep in mind, if your system ever needs air duct cleaning, J.R. Bolton Services is always available for cleaning service, too.

Ductless Systems

For homeowners in the Fulton County area who don’t already have ductwork in their homes, ductless air conditioning systems are a great solution. Ductless mini-splits are an extremely efficient, quiet method of providing indoor comfort. To cool your home, ductless systems use small air handlers that are mounted to your wall or ceiling. They easily blend in to your décor and are the perfect way to cool smaller rooms that might not be used regularly (you can use them independently of each other).

Want Your Cooling to Be Twice as Nice?

Here’s some cool news: Thanks to technology, today’s air conditioning systems can be twice as efficient as those from 10 years ago. This means they run cleaner, quieter and save you money. So, how do customers in Fulton County and beyond know when it’s time to upgrade? Good question.

air conditioning installation service fulton countyYou should consider a new air conditioning system if your current one:

  • Is over 10 years old
  • Needs frequent repairs
  • Creates warm spots and cold spots throughout the house
  • Turns on and off constantly
  • Causes your energy bills to increase
  • Makes noises

Benefits of a Brand New AC System

In the long run, upgrading your air conditioning system to an energy-efficient model will not only increase your home comfort, but it will also save you money. Contact J.R. Bolton Services today for air conditioning installation in and around Gwinnett County or for air conditioning repair or any home insulation services you may need. Just call 770-268-2010 or contact us online.

air conditioning installation gwinnett county

Cool news. Thanks to ongoing innovation, air conditioning systems installed today can be more than twice as efficient as those installed 10 years ago.

You may need a new AC system if your current one:

Is 10+ years old

Needs frequent repairs

Doesn’t cool certain areas of your home like it should

Turns on and off constantly

Causes your energy bills to go way up

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