Ductless Air Conditioning for Greater Atlanta Homeowners

The easy, cost-effective way to stay cool, comfortable, and efficient

Installing ductwork in a home that doesn’t already have it can be costly and difficult to do. For many Atlanta-area homeowners, it’s not a solution that makes sense for their budget. In the past, you’d have to go with a portable room air conditioner, or find a way to pay for and conceal the new ductwork you place in your home.

Because installing ductwork doesn’t always work for homeowners, ductless air conditioning provides a solid alternative. Not only is it efficient and effective at keeping you cool and comfortable, but it looks good in your home too. That’s true especially when you compare ductless air conditioning to window-mounted AC units.

J.R. Bolton Services installs the right ductless air conditioning equipment for your home so you stay cool, comfortable, and efficient, all year long.

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Ductless “mini-split” heat pumps provide an efficient alternative to central AC systems

When it’s not feasible to install ductwork in your home, J.R. Bolton Services may recommend ductless “mini-split” heat pumps.

A typical central forced-air conditioning system uses a network of ducts and a large air handler to cool and distribute air throughout your home. A ductless system uses small air handlers permanently mounted to your wall or ceiling that blend right in with the rest of your home. Each air handler has a refrigerant line connected to an outdoor compressor, along with a condensate drain line.

Each unit has a remote control, as well as controls located directly on the unit. You can get different sizes of exterior compressors, which can supply one or more air-handlers.

These mini-split systems will also provide heat during cooler weather. They’re generally effective at heating your home as long as the temperature remains above freezing.

The best type of ductless air conditioning system you can get

Mitsubishi “Mr. Slim” Electric HVAC

Mitsubishi Electric produces top-of-the-line air conditioning products for both homeowners and businesses. All use the latest technology so you stay cool, comfortable, and efficient, while making a minimal impact on the environment. They’re even manufactured in environmentally-conscious facilities.

Mr. Slim ductless AC systems are quiet, efficient, and powerful. They come with an indoor and outdoor unit, and remote control. A small 3-inch hole is bored into your wall or ceiling to connect the refrigerant line to them. Installation is easy for our contractors, which keeps your labor costs down and gets you comfortable fast.

Mitsubishi Electric dominates the ductless air conditioning niche, and has done so for 25 years. Their products last a long time, and you’ll feel comfortable for years to come.

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You can get the convenience and efficiency of a central AC system that uses ductwork with a ductless air conditioning system. But, you don’t have to install any ductwork.

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