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When your furnace distributes warmly conditioned air throughout your home, it also has a fan pulling cooler air back to the furnace for reheating through the return ductwork. The most common types of furnaces include propane and natural gas.

The most common problems J.R. Bolton’s experienced experts solve

Even though everything appears to be functioning properly with your furnace, that may not necessarily be the case. It can still be grossly inefficient, simply working improperly, or even operating dangerously.

These are the most common problems we find with furnaces:

Malfunctioning thermostat. Older thermostats experience damage, or they just wear out. This results in you having less control over your heating system. You may choose to upgrade to a programmable thermostat, or even a smart thermostat that automatically learns how you heat your home so you get max energy savings.
Mechanical problems. Your fan motor, drive belt, and bearings can all eventually wear out. Once worn, you have to replace them, or eventually you’ll experience serious air flow problems and even total system shutdown.
Dirty or clogged air filters. Air filter problems are harder to notice. If you leave your air filter long enough, it gets too dirty and you can experience severe efficiency and comfort issues. You should have yours replaced at least every season, and possibly more frequently if you have pets who shed a lot.
Ignition problems. Most modern furnaces have thermostats with electronic ignitions that only turn the burner on when the thermostat calls for heat. Ignitions can become faulty and burner nozzles clog, which can result in your furnace failing to turn on.
Cracked heat exchanger. You may have heard of this component, but may not know what it does. It separates the combustion process from your indoor air supply. As they age, heat exchangers can crack, which causes efficiency and functionality issues.
Poor ventilation. Your furnace needs air to perform the combustion process, while also needing ventilation to expel those gasses. Not all furnaces have their ventilation installed properly.
Inefficient performance. Today’s furnaces routinely operate at 95% efficiency or better. You shouldn’t accept any lower efficiency than that. Older furnaces may be around 75% or so. Upgrading your furnace to a higher efficiency almost always makes sense.
Leaky or uninsulated ducts. You may or may not notice leaks in your ductwork. Some leaks are impossible to notice. For example, you can’t find the leaks in ductwork that runs through your walls. Ducts can be sealed with aerosealing. And if you have ductwork in your attic, it needs insulation to protect it from the cooler air.

How to understand efficiency

Both your furnace and water heater burn fuel to generate heat. “Efficiency” describes the percentage of heat that enters your air or water. The rest of the heat is lost through your exhaust.

10-15-year-old furnaces routinely burn at 65-75% efficiency. That was good back in those days, but now that’s considered outdated and inefficient. It also means that 25-35% of your heat gets lost, never helping you stay comfortable. In fact, law requires your furnace to burn at least at 78% efficiency.

Today, you shouldn’t accept anything less than a 95% efficient furnace. While you can get furnaces with up to 98% efficiency today, your costs increase dramatically as you approach that number. Generally, you’re getting the best value for your dollar when you get a furnace with 95% efficiency (measured by “AFUE” rating). However, if it fits your budget, it’s a wise idea to get the highest efficiency furnace available.

J.R. Bolton Services can evaluate your home and walk you through all the best furnace options for your needs.

The top factor you must consider if you want to save money when buying a furnace

To calculate your savings, you must know what fuel types are available locally. Electricity is an option, but costs much more than any kind of gas. However, you’ll already have access to natural gas or propane, which are affordable. When replacing your existing furnace, you can switch fuel types.

Start saving energy and money today without sacrificing any comfort

Having a hard time finding a contractor that repairs and installs furnaces? J.R. Bolton Services goes much farther than simply examining your furnace and making sure it works right. We check your whole home for all the problems causing your discomfort and inefficiency, including all issues your furnace could cause.

Then, you get a list of the solutions and the cost for each. You make the decision on what you should do next after hearing our expert’s opinion.

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