Gas Furnace Services for Greater Atlanta Homeowners

Boost Your Comfort & Savings With This Powerful Unit

Did you know half of the energy used in a typical home goes to heating and cooling it?

It’s true. However, you can cut your heating and cooling costs without sacrificing your comfort by installing a high-efficiency gas furnace. This powerful heating system will efficiently heat your home in a budget-friendly manner.

From a gas furnace installation in Hall County to a gas furnace repair in DeKalb County, no one offers more dependable furnace services than our team at J.R. Bolton Services. You can count on us to ignite the flame for a cozier home—and keep it lit.

Fuel Your Home’s Warmth With a Gas Furnace

A gas furnace is a powerful heating unit that makes attaining total comfort effortless. But that’s not all. In addition to keeping your home warm, it circulates your home’s air to keep it fresh. This is important because fresh air is easier to heat than stale air. Essentially, this highly efficient unit boosts its own efficiency.

In the HVAC industry, a furnace’s efficiency is measured using an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating—or AFUE rating. This percentage is calculated by determining how much fuel is converted into heat vs. how much was wasted. AFUE ratings for gas furnaces have significantly increased over the years. A decade ago, gas furnaces operated at 65 percent efficiency. Today’s units operate at 95 to 96 percent efficiency, which means less than 5 percent of fuel goes to waste. This high AFUE rating leads to significantly lower energy bills.

Opting for a gas furnace installation in DeKalb County, GA, Hall County and beyond leads to major benefits. This unit:

  • Reduces your home’s energy consumption
  • Adds value to your home’s resale price
  • Improves your indoor air quality
  • Delivers constant and consistent warmth from room to room
  • … And more!

Choose the Right System for Your Home

When you turn to our team at J.R. Bolton Services for an electric furnace or a gas furnace installation in Hall County, GA, DeKalb County, GA, and beyond, we’ll help you identify the right furnace and fuel type to meet your needs.

We encourage our customers to choose a sealed-combustion gas furnace over an atmospheric one. Besides keeping you comfortable at a reasonable cost, sealed-combustion furnaces are not vulnerable to hazardous backdrafts, which have the potential to put dangerous combustion gasses, such as carbon monoxide, into your living space.

Even more, with sealed-combustion furnaces, the combustion chamber is sealed, giving you greater control over the combustion process. It also has an air-intake pipe that uses outdoor air to perform combustion, leading to 95 percent or more efficiency. This high efficiency isn’t just beneficial for your budget, it’s also better for the environment.

Keep this in mind: In order to operate at its maximum efficiency, a gas furnace must be in good condition. This means you should pamper your unit with the maintenance it needs and address any need for a gas furnace repair right away!

Turn Your Comfort Loss Worries to Ashes

Want to start cutting your heating costs right away? Upgrade to a gas furnace today! To schedule a free estimate for a gas furnace installation or a gas furnace repair in DeKalb County, Hall County and beyond, call J.R. Bolton at 770.268.2010 or contact us online! You can also schedule a free estimate with our team!

a gas furnace in need of repair at home in dekalb county, ca

Gas-fired furnaces must vent through a chimney and use air from your home to combust their fuel.

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