Heat Pump Installation and Service for Greater Atlanta Homeowners

Heat pumps dramatically increase your energy efficiency

With a gas furnace, you have high efficiency when you get one that combusts gas at 95% efficiency. Today, you can get them with up to 98% efficiency. A heat pump, however, can have up to 300% efficiency!

At first, that sounds shocking. How can a heat pump have more than 100% efficiency?

Let us explain. First, heat pumps do not produce any heat like a gas furnace. Instead, they simply move heat into your home from outside during cooler months, and then they do the reverse during warmer months. Your air conditioner works on the same basic concept.

The only power a heat pump uses is to aid its two fans (evaporator and condenser), compressor, and pump. Because they require such little electricity to do their job, they can provide 3 units of heat for 1 unit of electricity. Simple math shows that’s 300% efficiency!

High efficiency heat pumps effectively take heat from the outside air at temperatures as low as 38°. If you’re concerned about not staying warm enough, you can always install a hybrid system, which allows a gas furnace to take over when temperatures slide below 38°.

Greater Atlanta heating contractors who improve your efficiency and comfort

Regardless of the heating system you choose, it’ll likely last for at least a couple decades. So, you want to install the right one that keeps you comfortable without driving up your energy costs.

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What makes heat pumps so effective at heating your home without consuming lots of electricity?

Like air conditioners, heat pumps use a refrigerant like FreonTM or PuronTM. These refrigerants are then pumped through evaporative and condensing cycles to either absorb or release heat. Refrigerant can boil at a comparatively low temperature. That helps make the heat transfer process possible.

Air-source and ground-source heat pumps work the same

Regardless of the type of heat pump you have, they all work the same. Ground-source heat pumps, also called geothermal heat pumps, take advantage of the more consistent ground temperature. Our Georgia air temperatures can run from well over 100° in the summer to below freezing in the winter. In comparison, ground temperatures 6 feet below the surface run a fairly consistent 50° to 65° all year long. Because of that consistency, ground source heat pumps are more efficient than their air-source counterparts.

A typical air-source heat pump works like this:

When Heating

Heating actually starts outside your home. Liquid refrigerant gets pumped into evaporator coils, which fins surround so heat transfer happens. A fan helps air move through the coils. This produces enough heat to transform the liquid refrigerant into a vapor. This phase absorbs heat. The same process actually happens when you sweat.

Now that there’s a vapor, it gets pumped through a compressor. The compressor puts the vapor under pressure to increase its temperature. The now hot vapor moves inside of your home to heating coils found in your HVAC system’s air handler. The refrigerant gives up its heat. As that happens, the refrigerant condenses from a vapor to a liquid again. Then, it’s pumped outside to start the cycle all over.

When Cooling

Basically, the reverse process happens. The refrigerant reverses directions so it moves heat outdoors from indoors. The indoor cooling coil on your heat pump causes evaporation. The refrigerant picks up interior heat as the refrigerant evaporates. The refrigerant is then pumped through the compressor and outside to the coil. The indoor heat then releases outside, where the refrigerant expands, cools, and then returns back to the inside of your home.

Save energy and money today with an efficient heat pump

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Your heat pump, however, may not be the sole source of your inefficiency and discomfort. J.R. Bolton Services offers comprehensive free home energy audits to help you find all the sources of your inefficiency and discomfort.

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