Need Air Conditioning Repair in the Fulton County Area?

No Sweat—Call the Experts at J.R. Bolton

There is nothing more frustrating than a troublesome air conditioning system in the midst of a hot summer in Fulton County, GA, or its surrounding communities. And trust us—we know how hard it can be to keep your cool when your indoor comfort is compromised. But don’t sweat it. J.R. Bolton Services is highly experienced in the area of air conditioning repairs and is always available to diagnose and repair any existing problem. When you need air conditioning repair service in and around Gwinnett County, let us be your first call.

At J.R. Bolton Services, we take a different approach to diagnosing your cooling system. When your air conditioner starts to malfunction, our experts will look at more than just your air conditioning. Instead, we take a whole-home approach where we investigate your air conditioning unit as well as your home’s insulation and the envelope (the physical separator between the conditioned and unconditioned environment of your home). After all, it’s all three of these elements that are essential to make your cooling system run smoothly.

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Does My Air Conditioner Need Repair?

Sometimes in life, things just break. While it’s true that yearly maintenance will reduce the amount of repairs your air conditioning system will need, once in a while homeowners simply need a repair. The good news is that technicians at J.R. Bolton Services are highly experienced in fixing a wide variety of problems that can occur with most cooling systems. These typically include:

  • Dirty coils
  • Burned-out compressor motors
  • Blocked condensate drains
  • Leaking refrigerants
  • Blower problems
  • Leaky ductwork

In most cases, homeowners are tipped off that they need a repair because something just doesn’t seem right. Whether you notice strange noises coming from the system, a sudden increase in your utility bill or cold spots throughout your house, our experts can diagnose the issue and service your system.

And don’t count us out when you’re in a jam. We are available in Gwinnett County and the surrounding areas when you need immediate on-demand repairs. Our expert HVAC techs receive weekly training from our owner of over 30 years as well as many industry manufacturers. This means our experts will always arrive promptly at your doorstep with the latest knowledge and the sharpest skills to service anything that might be wrong with your air conditioning.

Atlanta’s Indoor Comfort Experts: That’s Us

Your indoor comfort shouldn’t be left to just anyone. After all, your home is your haven, so your comfort should never be compromised. Keep this in mind when you need air conditioning repair or air conditioning installation quickly in Fulton County or Gwinnett County, and beyond. At J.R. Bolton Services, we have more than 30 years of experience fixing HVAC problems for Atlanta homeowners. Our licensed and certified techs are the best trained in the area and will provide expert customer service, reasonable rates and superior solutions.

Need a Service Call?

When you have HVAC concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a ring. Call J.R. Bolton Services today at 770-268-2010 for air conditioning repair service in and around Fulton County. Of course, we do more than just repairs. We are also available for all of your insulation services or air duct cleaning. Lastly, when you call our HVAC team for service, have your system’s make and model in hand so we can provide you with the fastest repair service possible!

air conditioning repair service gwinnett county

When you call your HVAC tech for service, make sure you know your system’s make and model for the fastest service.

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