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A Home Energy Audit is your first step in saving energy

Home energy audits show where your home uses and loses the most energy. Much more is taken into account than how your HVAC equipment works. At J.R. Bolton, we find all the ways your home wastes energy and give you a complete list of all the fixes necessary.

No one likes wasting money. But, even if you own a new home, you might be doing that right now. With our wide variety of solutions, you’ll stay comfortable all year long.

Schedule a free consultation to learn where your home uses and loses the most energy. You’ll find out exactly what needs fixing, why, and then you make the decision. We service Greater Atlanta, including Cumming, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Commerce, Talmo, Alpharetta and many more cities.

Home energy audit benefits:

Learn exactly what improvements you need to make, and what order to make them in
Potentially save 5-30% on your energy bill once you make the upgrades
Because we’re honest, you’ll be protected from exaggerated energy savings claims
A free estimate so you know the exact cost of each improvement

How your home energy audit works

Through a combination of tests and a thorough inspection, J.R. Bolton’s experienced professionals find out exactly what’s working efficiently, and what’s not, in your home. Special equipment is used, and careful attention gets paid to your attic and basement, two major areas of inefficiency in nearly every home.

Once the test and inspection are complete, you get a detailed report that shows exactly how your home uses energy. You’ll learn where it uses energy efficiently, and where it gets wasted.

Get a free estimate for each improvement when you contact J.R. Bolton’s experienced experts today.

Most of the energy savings enhancements we recommend are simple and easy

Your entire home works as a system. There’s dozens of elements that work together that keep your home comfortable. Major components include your ductwork, insulation, and attic door. But other elements like your doors, windows, and electrical outlets contribute too.

If any of these aren’t sealed airtight, you’re losing efficiency. Because heat and cool air escape your home through them, your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your home at the temperature you want. That also drives up your energy costs. Our technicians find all causes of your home’s discomfort. This could include new doors and windows, or it might include simple recommendations for sealing your home’s “air envelope.”

If you’ve noticed your home becoming uncomfortable or your energy bills were much higher than expected, call J.R. Bolton today to get an inspection and free estimate.

J.R. Bolton serves Greater Atlanta, including cities like Lawrenceville, Suwanee, Gainesville, Alpharetta, Duluth, Cumming, and many more.

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Our home energy audit inspects your:




Water heater



Air envelope

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