Our HVAC Repair Pros Based in Atlanta Will Find the Source of Your AC Problems and Get You Comfortable Again

The best way to prevent AC problems is to do regular maintenance. But sometimes, even a thorough maintenance schedule won’t eliminate every possible malfunction. And, that’s when you start to experience problems with your home’s comfort.

At J.R. Bolton Services, we have more than 3 decades of experience solving home comfort problems and repairing air conditioners of all kinds. The difference between us and the rest of the competition in Atlanta is our approach. When necessary, we perform extensive computerized testing of your home to find the true source of your HVAC problem.

For example, if your AC’s motor burns out, replacing it may not be the entire solution. Failing to properly maintain other parts of your AC system could be causing that problem. If those issues aren’t also addressed, your AC motor would simply burn out again and you’d be uncomfortable once more.

Why Trust Atlanta’s J.R. Bolton Services with Your Next AC Repair?

Our owner, Jeff Bolton, is the third generation in his family to focus on solving home comfort issues. His grandfather, Tillie, started a home repair business in 1938. Jeff’s father, Ross, repaired gas appliances beginning in 1961. Finally, Jeff added AC repair to that in 1983, and he’s been doing it throughout the Atlanta area ever since.

But, it’s not just his personal experience and original approach that makes J.R. Bolton Services your best choice for air conditioner repair and installation. The company also has a unique structure to make sure you get the best service and highest-quality AC repair or installation possible.

To start, all employees attend a weekly training meeting to sharpen their air conditioner repair skill and knowledge. In the HVAC industry, the standard approach is to send employees to an annual conference or seminar. Each employee that J.R. Bolton Services hires is also thoroughly screened to make sure they are committed to being the best HVAC pro they can be. Finally, we only use subcontractors in rare situations. That makes it easier to keep your AC service and repair or installation quality high.

Learn the Real Source of Your Discomfort and AC Problems Today

J.R. Bolton Services is accredited with the BBB and maintains an excellent rating. We’ll do everything in our power to make sure you have your comfort problems solved today.

We solve your immediate on-demand AC problems so you can get cool and comfortable now (a diagnostic fee is charged). And, you can also schedule a free, no-obligation estimate to discover all the issues causing your discomfort.

Just call 770.448.3692 today to learn the true source of your AC problem and personal discomfort.

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