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Benefits you get with J.R. Bolton’s attic insulation specialists:

Free estimate
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May reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 40%
Improve your home’s comfort
Blower door test to find all leaks (no leaks missed)
Expert installation from certified energy experts

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Since 1983, J.R. Bolton has maximized the comfort and energy efficiency for homeowners throughout Greater Atlanta. We make sure your HVAC system and insulation perform exactly as promised.

Do you notice much higher utility bills than you’d expect in the summer and winter? Do some rooms in your home get too hot in summer and too cold in winter? These signs could indicate you don’t have proper insulation sealing your attic.

Properly sealing your attic is simple, low-cost, and pays for itself fast because it minimizes air flow, while many energy efficiency improvements can take years to pay back for themselves. Insulation by itself does nothing to stop airflow, which makes air sealing the best stand-alone choice. However, you can save up to 40% on your heating and cooling costs with proper attic insulation and air sealing used together.

J.R. Bolton offers free attic insulation estimates. Our experienced professionals will inspect your attic’s insulation and will determine the best type to install. You’ll also learn where leaks might currently be happening. Blown-in, loose fill, cellulose, and rigid foam board insulation are just some of the kinds of insulation that may be recommended.

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6 reasons to choose J.R. Bolton:

  1. 3+ decades of experience (in business since 1983)
  2. ACCA Quality Assured Contractor
  3. Whole-home approach
  4. Licensed and insured
  5. Most skilled and highly trained HVAC pros in Atlanta
  6. Use the highest quality parts

Signs and symptoms of poor attic insulation

If you experience one or more of the following situations, you likely have insulation problems in your attic:

The rooms located directly below your attic get way too hot or cold, even though other rooms stay comfortable
Your electric bills and heating costs are way too high
During winter, you feel cold drafts
You have recessed “can” lights directly below your attic (which often aren’t sealed well)
You can see ceiling joists in your attic’s insulation
You have less than 10 inches of insulation in your attic

Attic insulation and sealing pays for itself

For most homes, attics lose the most energy. This happens because of the “Stack Effect.” In winter, air naturally wants to move from negative pressure at the bottom of your home to positive pressure – through your attic and out of your house. Air sealing, combined with the right kind and amount of insulation installed properly can dramatically reduce your energy costs and boost your comfort.

R-Value measures the resistance of heat. The higher it gets, the better your insulation does its job (resisting heat flow). It’s common to see 9 inches of insulation in regions of the US where the Department of Energy recommends 16 inches. For Georgia, the recommendation is to have between R-49 and R-60 insulation in your attic, depending on the material. Different manufacturers also have different R-value ratings.

To get the maximum energy savings and comfort from your insulation, you should use air sealing. That’s when you perform a blower door test to detect all leaks from your attic. In addition to improving efficiency, air sealing can prevent mold from growing in your attic (an expensive repair). At J.R. Bolton, we have a team of experience and highly trained HVAC pros who find and seal all the leaks from your attic.

Finally, contact J.R. Bolton Services online today or call 770-268-2010 for your home energy audit so you know exactly where your home needs insulation, and what kind it needs. You’ll also learn all the other factors causing energy loss in your home.

We serve all of Greater Atlanta, including Alpharetta, Norcross, BufordCummingDaculaFlowery Branch, Chestnut Mountain, Commerce, Braselton,  LawrencevilleLilburnSuwanee, and many more cities.

Don’t forget to seal air leaks

When you seal air leaks and add insulation, this:

Increases your comfort

Softens noise coming in from the outside

Improves your home’s humidity control

Boosts your energy efficiency by reducing demand on your HVAC system

Increases indoor air quality

Makes your home healthier

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